Jeannine M. Smith – Village Administrator

Jeannine M. Smith - Village Administrator

Dear Scott,

Please accept my sincerest thanks for your assistance in constructing one of the most beautiful parks in McHenry Country! There isn't day that goes by when I approach the Village Hall and admire the Village Hall Park as a wonderful community asset. Residents and visitors alike are in awe of the pavilion alone. We regularly receive requests to rent the pavilion space and the park has had visitors on a daily basis since its opening.

Throughout the park development process Stoneridge Builders maintained a high level of professionalism and paid great attention to detail even at time when this project seemed daunting due to logistics and weather related delays. Most important to this community is that you were able to take a limited budget and stretch our dollars in creative and innovative ways and still produce outstanding amenities.

The Village of Prairie Grove is small yet vibrant and much sought after for the quality of life and schools and sense of community it affords one who lives, works and/or plays here. Thank you for continuing to honor the community in this manner by leaving your quality craftsmanship mark on our Village Hall Park.