Bob & Carol – Barrington, IL

Bob & Carol - Barrington, IL

To whom it may concern,

This letter serves to recommend Mr. Scott Skiermanski who is President of Stoneridge Builders, Inc.

We have hired Scott and his subcontractors along with his preferred vendors for two renovation projects. The first time was to repair and renovate a leaky master bathroom in a previous house. That project turned out so well that when we sold that house a year later we contacted Scott to work on the new house too. Scott remodeled the kitchen, the master and foyer bathrooms and we put in wood flooring throughout. This project was again very successful and we have received so many compliments on the work and the design.

One of the aspects that we enjoyed about Scott’s work is that he listens to your wants and needs, offers a few constructive critiques, and then develops a plan forward. He has good ideas for your project; such as, putting a microwave in a drawer. It works well and looks great.

Scott’s work is so detailed and careful. He oversees, manages, and directs his crews at least once a day. The crews were skilled and wonderful to work with. He gave us the contact information to suppliers for the plumbing fixtures, the kitchen appliances, the tile suppliers, etc.

Most of the above is to be expected of a good quality building contractor. But Scott also provides other information; periodically, he sent us a spreadsheet that identified the initial project estimated cost, the cost of the project additions and/or deletions, and the actual costs as they materialized. The interaction with him at this level is very unique.

Scott and Stoneridge Builders get two thumbs up from us!

Bob & Carol
Barrington, IL