Donna M. and Vicki M. – Glen Ellyn, IL

Donna M. and Vicki M, Glen Ellyn, IL

Letter of Recommendation

We recently completed a kitchen remodel project with Scott Skiermanski of Stoneridge Builders and wish to commend him for an exceptionally positive experience.

Our kitchen is very small but Scott treated us as if it was a million dollar project! He worked with us to solve old house issues and space constraints. He brought in an experienced designer who provided valuable ideas and insight. Both seemed to share our love for our 1931 vintage Sears home and worked with us to ensure that any remodeling preserved its character. Initially Scott provided a detailed proposal in a spreadsheet format that included allotted costs for all materials and labor. He updated this spreadsheet regularly throughout the project so that we always knew where we were with costs and potential budget constraints. He was very good about identifying potential problems and possible cost overruns up front. Because of his precise accounting and scheduling, there were no surprises. Scott’s subcontractors were skilled, hardworking and obviously took pride in their work; they shared Scott’s attention to detail. They were pleasant and respectful; we were always comfortable having them in our home.

Scott’s greatest asset may be his communication skills. He treated us as if we were his only project at the time, always available for questions and discussions. He visited, called or emailed at least once every day throughout the project, ensuring that any issues or problems were addressed immediately. He actually approached our neighbor midway through the project to ask if the project or his employees were causing them any undue difficulties.

Over the years we have had much work performed on our home, projects of variable size and degree of difficulty. Never before have we encountered such a thoroughly satisfying and enjoyable process. We would not for a minute hesitate to use Scott again and give him an unqualified recommendation for any remodeling needs.