The Petersens – Spring Grove, IL

The Petersens – Spring Grove, IL

A Letter of Recommendations:

Early this year we remodeled our two upstairs bathrooms - the hall bathroom and our Master bathroom. We had done a major remodel project with Scott of Stoneridge Builders 5 years earlier and were so happy with his work, we contacted Scott again to bid on this project.

Scott's proposal was extremely detailed and contained exactly what materials and labor would go into each aspect of the project. After Scott submitted his proposal, we asked Scott to value engineer his proposal (find cost reductions without sacrificing quality). His suggestions resulted in approximately $1500 of savings.

Of course, we were right. We LOVE our Master bathroom, and a the guest bathroom. They are both beautiful, quality and functional.

The contractors that Scott works with are the best in their field. They are respectful and honest. We had no issues having Scott and his crew in our house when we weren't there -- we trust him completely. Scott's workers know about his attention to detail and quality, and he doesn't hesitate to question them on anything that he doesn't feel is up to his standards, including re-doing something if required. He always had our best interest in mind.

We are so happy with the work that Scott and his crew do, that we welcome anyone who is considering hiring Stoneridge Builders to do a remodel to come to our house and see the work he has done.

We will hire Scott again the next time we plan to do any remodeling, and we recommend him to anyone who is considering a remodel.