We put the custom in custom homes by building houses that are truly unique, and we’ve been doing it for a long time. When it comes to requests like installing a residential climbing wall, we are just as adventurous as our clients. We rise to the challenge.

So we didn’t feel surprised when the editors at Houzz consulted us about our experiences with building residential climbing walls, but we did feel honored. Here is an excerpt from the article:

During construction of the home shown here, the homeowners at one point said they would like an elevator. “So in our plans we built the shaft as we built the home based on specifications for an elevator car for later in life, says builder Scott Skiermanski. “When I was speaking with the homeowners one day, they let me know of their passion for climbing mountains — Mount Kilimanjaro and such.” Skiermanski suggested that until the homeowners wanted a working elevator in their house, the shaft could be used as a climbing wall. “We mounted ¾-inch plywood sheathing, and the homeowner purchased all the threaded slots and hand mounts that were needed.” The holds can be rearranged to diversify the climb.

Learn more about residential climbing walls and read the rest of the article. And if you are considering having someone build a climbing wall in your home, you may as well go with a contractor who is experienced at this, like us.