Going Up… Residential Elevators

Going Up… Residential Elevators Will Take You There

In the past, the home elevator was considered a high-end luxury item afforded to only the select few. However, with smaller footprints, decreased machine room space and more flexible design options, residential elevators are quickly becoming a staple item in modern homes. And, as today’s baby boomers desire to age in place and live safely and comfortably in their own homes, their popularity will continue to increase.

Whether you’ve decided to build your dream home or remain in your present home, elevators allow you the freedom to access all levels of your home. Completely adaptable to any style of home, one can design their new lift system to blend effortlessly into their home’s décor.

A Residential Elevator Can….

  • Be Affordable: Home elevators are surprisingly affordable, and a residential elevator can add to the market value of your home. From basic designs to high-end luxury models, there is an elevator that fits your budget and your home.
  • Be Custom: With a wide range of styles, wood and finish options, we can create a custom home elevator to match any home’s decor.
  • Allow You Stay in Your Home: Elevators are the best way to stay in your existing home – forever. No more worries about bad backs, knees or heavy lifting up flights of stairs. Elevators can be added to many existing home plans allowing you to age gracefully in your home.
  • Increase the Value of Your Home: Home elevators can help increase the value of your home, while providing you with a beautiful showpiece!
  • Eliminate Accessibility Issues: The residential elevator allows multi-level home access to those with disabilities

Plan for the Future Today:

Another option is to prepare your home for the future. The homeowners of this custom built home desired an elevator for use in their "golden years". Our design team incorporated the shaft to be used as a rock climbing wall in the interim as the owners are avid mountain climbers. Their elevator shaft is put to good use while they await their full functioning elevator!

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